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Aviation Services
Recognizing India's stature in the burgeoning aviation market, the US civil aviation regulator has decided to open its first overseas office in India. The move, which would strengthen the Federal Aviation Administration's partnership with its Indian counterpart, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, is also seen as a measure of India's growing importance in the field of aviation in the region Airports, air traffic control systems, aviation safety systems and aircraft certification, all afforded opportunities for additional US-India cooperation. The liaison office in New Delhi would be staffed full time by a permanent FAA representative. This is a clear Sign of India aviation booming.

With liberalization in aviation sector and boom in air travel, India has emerged as the leader in Asian aviation market. India along with China has taken the world air travel by storm. Because of the high pace of growth in Asia, the number of people traveling by air is reaching new heights. Intra-Asian travel is increasing at a faster rate than the world-wide average. The world-wide average is growing at 5% while Asia is growing at a rate of more than 7 per cent. Fueling this growth in Asia is the liberalization in the aviation sector and growing air traffic demand from India and China, and from these countries to Europe and the US.


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